How To Deal With Bedbugs While Traveling

I lay awake in my top bunk unable to sleep. It was midnight in Krakow and I tossed and turned, trying not to scratch at the itches that seemed to be creeping up all over my arms and legs. I had seen a few mosquitos in the room, but didn’t hear any near me during the night. Finally, I slept.

The 3 BEST Shoes for Travel

By Talia.

There are so many YouTube videos and blog posts online about the best shoes for travel for both men and women, and I don't pretend to know everything. BUT, I have experience and feet and I think those are enough to have a valid opinion on footwear. So read on if you also have feet and a desire to travel!

Riding Camels in the Desert

When we arrived in the Gobi Desert of Southern Mongolia, we were surprised to see herds of camels justing hanging around. Cows and goats and sheep and even horses also wandered the desert together but we'd all seen these before. But camels? This was new!

That Time We Went to North Korea

North Korea, or the DPRK has been in the news a lot lately. And of course, it's not all good. What we see is scary, threatening, dangerous.

Riding the Transsiberian Railway

We are currently in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, having arrived here from Russia on the train. Well, on several trains.

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