Riding Camels in the Desert

When we arrived in the Gobi Desert of Southern Mongolia, we were surprised to see herds of camels justing hanging around. Cows and goats and sheep and even horses also wandered the desert together but we'd all seen these before. But camels? This was new!

On our second day our driver even stopped to let us take pictures with a herd. He called them over to the well (yes, he called camels. And they came.) and we were able to get some pictures of the goofy beasts as they shook their lips, flinging drops of water all over. It's impossible to explain. So please just enjoy:
Our driver, Oggii, casually strolls with the camels while the rest of us look on with trepidation.

So excited to touch a camel! Also a bit nervous...

Oggii really wanted to get a good photo of us with the camels, so he climbed on top of the well shack. 

Those lips...

The bone here through the nose means he is a riding camel. The reins attach to the bone. 

Oggii shows his control over the camels and gets them away from the water. 
A lone camel wanders behind our trusty Soviet van.

We were very excited to have the option, then, to ride these magnificent beasts.

A family we stayed with owned a herd and had a few dedicated to riding, so we were able to hop on and wander the desert for about an hour. We saw more camels, sheep, goats, and wild gazelles.  And of course, we had to name our camels: Behold, Johnnie, Arnold, George, Edgar, Poops, and Ted Danson.
Where is Edgar's head? I have no idea. 
Finally, please enjoy the video of our little excursion!

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