A New Adventure Begins....Can we do it?

Hey all! Wow, sorry for the scattered posting in the last year! We've had ups and downs as we've been planning and preparing for our next adventure.

We've been working a lot to save for our next trip and it's FINALLY HAPPENING!

Are you ready for it?  Here it is!

America to Australia WITHOUT FLYING!

That's right; land and sea only to get across the globe. Sound impossible? Well, here's our plan so far.

We'll start our journey in New York, which neither of us have been to. From there, we take a cruise to Southampton, then wander around Europe for a couple months. Next, we'll head to Russia and take the TransMongolian railway to Beijing and make our way south! We expect the trip to take almost a year

Can we do it?

We leave in a week, so stay tuned to find out! See you in New York!

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