A Very 2 Feet Wedding Part 3: Vegas, Baby

Third time's the charm, right?

We decided to really make the marriage stick and do it a third time. This time, we headed to Vegas because, why not? 

Spring Break was a perfect time to do it since we'd have a few days to enjoy the city and do fun things. 

We packed up our stuff and our two dogs and headed out in our dented Hyundai for our very first road trip together. Sure, we'd traveled extensively together, even spending over 30 hours on a train together, but this was the first time we'd been in a car by ourselves for a long time together. 

Ricky didn't have his license at the time so the driving fell to me, which was mostly ok. We made it to El Paso for the night and then the next day made it to the Linq hotel, which was cheap for the night but they charged an arm and a leg for the pups. So it goes. 

After a night or two there, we headed to a friend's house where we were able to stay for free (even the dogs). 

We did the usual Vegas things - ate, drank, walked, watched. We even went skydiving. 

And then the big day came. Paddy's Day. Of course this is the day we decided on. Ricky is Irish after all. 

A few friends that lived in the area and one who lived in LA met us in the morning and we all headed over to the Little White Chapel to exchange vows. This was something we hadn't done in our previous two weddings, so it was still a little new to us. 

Instead of a white dress and suit, we had bright green t-shirts made with our cheesy faces on them. Our whole group was wearing them. 

Our offician was a lovely man who guided us through the vows, and I even got a little teary-eyed since this was the first time we got to say nice things to each other in front of other people and not be considered gross or cheesy. One guest even cried, despite having been at our first wedding in Thailand. 

In true Two Feet fashion, we took very few pictures and went immediately for ice cream. We ate at Luv-It Frozen Custard and it was delicious, but not as interesting as  Art of Flavors (hello goat cheese gelato!).

Then we hightailed it over to the strip for the parade. We were bombarded by leprechauns, ladies in green sequins, men in green speedos, and more drunk moms than we could count. It was excellent people watching. 

We met some new friends, hung out, attempted to get into some shenanigans but ended up being too tired at the end of the day. 

All in all, it was a great wedding day and probably the last one we'll do, at least for a while. 

Although it has been nearly a year since our Vegas wedding and Paddy's day does fall on Spring Break again this year...

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