A Very 2 Feet Wedding Part 3: Vegas, Baby

Third time's the charm, right?
We decided to really make the marriage stick and do it a third time. This time, we headed to Vegas because, why not? 
Spring Break was a perfect time to do it since we'd have a few days to enjoy the city and do fun things. 
We packed up our stuff and our two dogs and headed out in our dented Hyundai for our very first road trip together. Sure, we'd traveled extensively together, even spending over 30 hours on a train together, but this was the first time we'd been in a car by ourselves for a long time together. 
Ricky didn't have his license at the time so the driving fell to me, which was mostly ok. We made it to El Paso for the night and then the next day made it to the Linq hotel, which was cheap for the night but they charged an arm and a leg for the pups. So it goes. 
After a night or two there, we headed to a friend's house where we were able to stay for free (even the dogs). 
We did the usual Vegas things - ate, drank, walked, wa…

A Very 2 Feet Wedding Part 2: Houston

As you remember, we had an amazing Thai Buddhist wedding ceremony in Bangkok in June of 2015. But we have a wasn't legal.

Not that it couldn't have been, it just wasn't logical for us to do the paperwork at that time. Here's the deal.

I did a few interviews and began online training for a teaching license. I got a job in Houston and had to leave at the end of July to start training and professional development and all that super fun stuff that comes with starting a new career.

Rick, however, couldn't come with me. As a non-US citizen, there were some stringent rules regarding his entry into the country and we wanted to do things legally and carefully in order to protect ourselves. That was a dumb idea.

We did a lot of research and saw that we had a couple of choices for getting him into the country: a fiancĂ© visa or a spouse visa. We knew we wanted to get married (or at least have the wedding) in Thailand but knew that we couldn't apply for a s…

A Very 2 Feet Wedding, Part 1: Thailand

When we got engaged in October of 2014, we knew we wanted a wedding that would be very "us." We also knew that this sort of wedding wasn't going to be very easy on our families, for a few reasons. We had to find neutral territory, both literally and religiously.

Ricky was raised Catholic in Ireland, and Talia was raised Mormon in the US. Neither of us have been truly practicing members of those religions for a few years and were worried about how our wedding would turn out if we went along with traditional expectations, so we really had to think strategically about the how, when, and where we would do it.

If we had the wedding in Ireland, we would most likely have had to do it the Irish-Catholic way. Since Ricky isn't practicing, the only reason to do this would be to uphold family tradition and involve the family priest. Since Talia isn't Catholic at all, she would have had to either become Catholic or promise to uphold the Catholic beliefs in the home, somethi…

We're Baaa-aaaack!

Since it's been nearly three years since our last post, we thought we would let you know what's happened.

2 Feet got married!

We also ran a 10k in North Korea, went camping at the Great Wall, got another dog, were separated for a terrible 6 months, are currently in the US suffering through inefficient immigration red tape, have gotten our first tattoos, and are somewhat settled for the time being.

I can't wait to write up posts of all of the great (and not so great) things that have happened in the past couple of years, especially if they can help anyone out who is experiencing similar situations.

As you may have guessed, one does not start writing on their travel blog again if one does not plan on traveling soon. Wanderlust has indeed set in again, and we are looking forward to our next big trip. We have ideas, but nothing concrete yet, but hang on - we will keep you posted with what's in store.

For the time being, please enjoy the coming posts in our game of catch-up…

Dealing with the Side Effects of Long Term Travel: A Failure's Guide

I was in the bathroom this morning getting ready to go to the supermarket with Ricky. I was wearing jeans and a t-shirt and some slide-on shoes. My hair went into a ponytail, with a headband to keep back the flyaways. I slapped on some mascara and some deodorant and was ready to go.
And then it hit me.
Nothing has changed.
During the nine months we were traveling I looked pretty much the same—ponytail (when my hair was long enough), t-shirt, simple shoes, tiny bit of makeup, and looking barely presentable to go into public. 
I realized that I was living the side effects of long term travel. They are unavoidable.  Sometimes I find myself forgetting to change clothes after a couple of days.  I have to remind myself to change my shirt. I forget that I can do laundry when I want, and I have enough clothes to wear while I wait for other ones to dry.
And days like today I forget that I’m not traveling anymore and I can actually take a little bit of time to style my hair (though I’m gett…