We're Baaa-aaaack!

Since it's been nearly three years since our last post, we thought we would let you know what's happened.

2 Feet got married!

We also ran a 10k in North Korea, went camping at the Great Wall, got another dog, were separated for a terrible 6 months, are currently in the US suffering through inefficient immigration red tape, have gotten our first tattoos, and are somewhat settled for the time being.

I can't wait to write up posts of all of the great (and not so great) things that have happened in the past couple of years, especially if they can help anyone out who is experiencing similar situations.

Sneak peak of the 2 Feet Wedding!

As you may have guessed, one does not start writing on their travel blog again if one does not plan on traveling soon. Wanderlust has indeed set in again, and we are looking forward to our next big trip. We have ideas, but nothing concrete yet, but hang on - we will keep you posted with what's in store.

For the time being, please enjoy the coming posts in our game of catch-up, and please bear with us as we update the look of the blog. We'll be going through some changes until we find a good look :)

Stay tuned!

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