The End of an Era: Headed Home

Well, folks, this is the last blog post of our travels. We have been on the road for nearly 9 months. We've been to 7 countries. We've eaten amazing foods, seen incredible things, and met wonderful people.

It's weird to think about all of this being over. We've been living out of backpacks for so long that it is such a strange thought to actually be able to live out of closets again. But we're ready for it.

 It's been a long hard road and an amazing journey. We've learned so much and grown in ways we had never imagined. We have our little tiffs but for the most part, we have grown together and learned so much about each other. I consider myself very lucky to have had these experiences with Ricky.

Tonight we fly back to Beijing. We'll spend a night in our new, mostly-furnished apartment. Then, we'll take a train back to our old city, Jinzhou, to meet up with some friends and pick up the rest of our stuff. Then it's time to rejoin the work force and the world of duty.

We're pretty excited about it. We've already planned out some things, the really important things. Like what size TV we need, and what kind of kitchen gadgets to get. Oh and work...

But don't despair, dear readers. No, we will continue to blog to our hearts' content. Expect  to hear about the sometimes frustrating life in China, weekend trips, the upcoming visit to Ireland where I meet Ricky's family and friends (wish me luck!), my adventures in grad school, and general observations on life and every aspect of it.

We look forward to our future adventures and what they will help us accomplish. We hope you continue to join us on our journey!


  1. The adventure isn't over! Yes, you are settling down, but you are settling down in CHINA! That is still amazing and way more exciting than what most of us are doing. So I hope you continue to blog about everything from life in China to the people you are teaching to what it's like to settle down in another country. I love your blog!

  2. Oh, and Ricky's family will LOVE YOU! And because you've already lived in China for a period of time, the settling down and working part may not be super exciting, but it will be nice to relax and regroup. To reflect on what you've been through and learned and seen. And most of your readers probably haven't lived in China long-term, like me, and we want to know what it's like! Love you guys. :)


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